iOS developer – Swift and Objective-C

By 24 september, 2019 oktober 18th, 2019 Data/IT
Roll Utvecklare iOS
 Kompetensområde Data/IT
 Startdatum 2019-10-01
 Slutdatum 2019-12-31
 Omfattning 100%
 Ort Stockholm
Land Sweden
 Sista svarsdatum 2019-09-27 (Offerter kommer att behandlas löpande)
 Kontaktperson Jonas Pettersson ( 076-231 2669)
 Referens nr 1565424
Övergripande uppdragsbeskrivning

We are currently looking for an iOS Developer.

As a developer in the Markets Tech Team, you will help develop the customers current iOS app that their customers use. Markets Tech Team focus is on the onboarding process for the customer as well as giving them a nice and easy way to start their subscriptions.

What customer offer:
• Experienced co-workers in an open, welcoming, and professionally diverse environment
• Being a part of a team where we learn from each other and work closely together
• Your own yearly budget for knowledge activities
• An internationally distributed development team with travel opportunities
• The chance to work with some of the newest technologies on interesting problems related to growth and scale

Location is selectable between customers offices in (Stockholm, Lund, Umeå, Karlstad and Copenhagen) but Stockholm is preferred


You have experience in Swift and Objective C.
You love writing high quality, readable and maintainable code.
You have good understanding of Cocoa design patterns and iOS development fundamentals.
You have experience with UIKit, AutoLayout and Foundation.
You are comfortable interacting with REST APIs.
You understand the importance of having your code covered by tests.
You have experience with Git or other version control systems.
You are comfortable writing and speaking English.


You have experience with audio playback, epub readers
You have worked with CoreData, CoreGraphics, WebKit, SiriKit, PushKit, StoreKit, AVFoundation or other relevant frameworks.
You know your way around command line tools, CI environments, fastlane.

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