Project Manager DDS – Design & Data in Sourcing to NCC (10259)

By 29 mars, 2022 maj 24th, 2022 Data/IT
Roll Projektledare
 Kompetensområde Data/IT
 Startdatum 2022-04-15
 Slutdatum 2022-12-31
 Omfattning 100%
 Ort Stockholm
Land Sweden
 Sista svarsdatum 2022-04-01 (Offerter kommer att behandlas löpande)
 Kontaktperson Edwin Landgraff ( | 076-765 40 46)
 Referens nr 3830032
Övergripande uppdragsbeskrivning

We are now looking for a Senior Project manager, with competence level 4 to NCC.

This is an already up-started project that needs a new Senior Project manager . As Project manager you lead and focus on the project objectives add structure. The project are in execution Phase and have done the first product release of 5. The project is part of an larger initiative/ Program.

Strong leader skills of large complexed IT based project
Implementation of VDC tools is a merit

Project idea
The project contributes to NCC getting correct data with high quality, reduced risk and administration, more correct cost estimation and effective design process and increased customer value by gathering information from project and important NCC systems. Establish library with standardized data and solution for sharing information.

Background and Connections

The design and sourcing process today is very manual, time consuming and with pore data quality. This lead to high risk, incorrect cost estimation and loss of money due to incorrect prerequisites when starting projects. Also to be able to consider different design alternatives is inefficient since the process is very manual and that has lead to increased customer value.
Often the customer requirement is very uncomplete and we need to take a lot of prerequisites to be able to establish a design. Lack of control on prerequisites could and have lead to high risk.

Legal- and customer requirement are increasing and we need large organization to be able to perform design and cost estimation since it is very manual. This will lead to loss in competitiveness.

Low data quality/unstructured data is a big problem. In one project we had 5 different definitions for height on wall. If we mix that it could lead to the incorrect solutions, incorrect cost estimation and loss of money. On another project we had 13 different definitions on sound reduction. This creates a lot of extra work to secure data is correct. The reason for this is that data is not standardized so we have a common language that everybody understand. Also naming of construction objects differs between system and people. All system and process have their own language. Also sharing all this unstructured information with our stakeholders is very time consuming and with large risk that not all information is not good enough considered when performing design and sourcing. Standardized data is also needed to be able to establish seamless flow of data between stakeholders in design and sourcing.

Today information is gathered in excel sheet and to update and have control on this requires a lot of administrative work and with high risk. There are also some system in use to share and collect information but it is not connected to all system so it require several administrative routines.

Sourcing for prices and services is time consuming and with high risk since the data often are of low quality. We need to use a lot of time to secure the foundation that we send to our suppliers. Often suppliers have to less data to be able to give NCC the correct product and price. They often set a lot of prerequisites that we need to take into consideration in the design and that have/can lead to high risk and loss of money.

Need for change
NCC need to establish a common construction object library with standardized data, define the responsible for the data and be able to seamless share that data between stakeholders. This will secure high quality on data, faster processes, correct design, correct foundation for sourcing and cost estimation.

We need to specify all the customer needs digital based on standardized data and secure that it is available in needed processes.

The standardization of data need to be done in a system with governance, to secure that it will be standardized in the future according to international standards.

To secure high customer value we need to provide our customer the needed correct data in the project life cycle, through standardized data from international standards.

To be able to meet legal- and customer demands on e.g. traceability and correct data to secure reuse etc., we need to do this changes fast. The standardization is ongoing in all Nordic countries and EU.


Strong leader skills of complexed IT based project
Highest competence level within relevant area, high generalist competence, perceived as an expert/guru in the market
9 years as a consultant within relevant area
Large experience of working in leading positions and develop solution within relevant area
Have been on level 3 for at least 3 years
Have participated in several big similar assignments with high quality


Experience from Implementation of VDC tools

Övriga krav

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Personliga egenskaper

Strong drive and structure mindset, and high responsibility
Very high level of independency
Be able to take main responsibility, lead and drive assignments
A role model for lower level consultants

Övrig information

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