Project Manager – Reduce SharePoint storage to NCC (10284)

By 5 juli, 2022 augusti 9th, 2022 Data/IT
Roll Projektledare
 Kompetensområde Data/IT
 Startdatum 2022-08-01
 Slutdatum 2023-05-31
 Omfattning 50%
 Ort Stockholm
Land Sweden
 Sista svarsdatum 2022-07-15 (Offerter kommer att behandlas löpande)
 Kontaktperson Edwin Landgraff ( | 076-765 40 46)
 Referens nr 4329579
Övergripande uppdragsbeskrivning

We are now looking for a Project Manager – Reduce SharePoint storage, with competence level 2 to NCC (see appendix NCC Competence levels).

Skills and background

PM needs to have good communication skills (as always) and spend a lot of time on anchoring the outcome in the different workstreams.
Special abilities outside the PM skills would ideally be experience from a similar assignment (information management), knowledge about SharePoint as a platform

Background – need for change

NCC as many organizations “overretain” data. The approach has been that it is easier to never delete anything and then we have it saved” forever. However, there are multiple drawbacks from such an approach.

The current state of NCC informational storage is that it is:
1. Storage is increasing at the pace of 2.5-3.5 TB / month causing huge costs*
2. Information is not categorized, meaning that it isn’t differentiated if the information is business critical or contemporary and for how long we need to retain it **

*The data volume is increasing at an alarming pace and will in May 2022 lead to that NCC will have to pay Microsoft for the added storage at a cost that is not sustainable over time. In order to come to terms with this the project should plan for and execute a highlevel data cleaning effort to clear out the contemporary data that is now obsolete.

**The lack of classification or categorization of information (not meaning sensitivity labels) leads to that any digitized support or automation can not be created or maintained in NCC environments. The proposed project should then support that moving forward there is a clear framework for NCC employees to lean on when classifying their data

Idea – high level scope

Key objectives for the project would be to:
* Assess the immediate challenge with lack of storage and take short term measures – assess alternatives and secure a decision path for storage solutions. (This will require a separate decision from Dev IT Comm to start execution outside the main project) (IT owned)

* Design and develop a basic IT framework for sustainable SP storage rules and needed actions, (e.g., backup, cold storage solutions). (IT owned)

* Development of basic information management model for categorization including records management principles and document management routines, i.e., activities for life cycle management of files (categorization, disposal or retaining. (Business owned)

* Implement first level of information categorization throughout the organization. (Business owned)
Create retention and deletion polices to secure adherence to document management routine. (IT owned)
(=fix the root cause for SharePoint storage challenge)
Note! Implementation – Decision on included in project or post project needs to be made during the evaluate phase.

Reaching above stated objectives would allow NCC to start working with automation of document management/retention. It would form a solid foundation to increase findability and compliance to regulatory demands (such as GDPR), as well as decreasing the cost for storing redundant data.


Education and further development within relevant area
4-6 years as a consultant within relevant area
Able to lead and assign tasks within relevant area
Have participated in several similar assignments at different clients


Övriga krav

Bifoga CV på engelska i Wordformat under fliken Dokument. CV:t är en viktig del i utvärderingen av konsulten. Det ska tydligt visa att konsulten har den kompetens och erfarenhet som efterfrågas för det aktuella uppdraget.
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Beskriv kort i ”Kommentar” vid de olika kraven hur konsulten uppfyller dessa, samt hänvisa till uppdrag i CV:t

Personliga egenskaper

Independent – is able to work mainly independently
Responsible – able to take responsibility for assignments
Good example – is an example for lower-level consultants

Övrig information

All offers + CV’s must be written in English.



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