SE_IS Application Specialist-C (Teamcenter Product Configurator SME) till Hitachi Energy Sweden AB (5394)

By 16 september, 2022 september 28th, 2022 Data/IT
Roll Applikationsspecialist
 Kompetensområde Data/IT
 Startdatum 2022-11-01
 Slutdatum 2023-04-30
 Omfattning 100%
 Ort Ludvika
Land Sweden
 Sista svarsdatum 2022-11-04 (Offerter kommer att behandlas löpande)
 Kontaktperson Anette Svensson ( | 073-091 19 23)
 Referens nr 4589496
Övergripande uppdragsbeskrivning

We are now looking for a SE_IS Application Specialist-C (Teamcenter Product Configurator SME)  to Hitachi Energy Sweden AB in Ludvika

Apply strong IS application technology knowledge and expertise to any application IS activity within all IS process domains, especially within BUILD and RUN to support global business needs and help solving difficult topics. IS capable to work independently. On assignment identifies, proposes, advises and implements existing IS application technology and IS solutions/services, sharing knowledge and depending on seniority – guiding others on implementation and operation, using understanding of existing IS application technology and business requirements.

Additional Information:
The HVDC PLM Business program runs over approximately 5 years and currently consists of 28 different projects varying from governance process study projects to regular systems- and business process implementations. HVDC (Formerly ABB Powergrids) is an ETO business with international projects ranging over many years. See for more info.
Currently we have two projects in the pipeline related to Product Structure Documentation Management and Requirements Management. We are in the process of manning and recruiting which means that we are flexible with regards to the extent of the roles. We can work with single roles with shorter/part time commitment but prefer to find a candidate with overlapping competences for a longer commitment.

General role requirements:
Experience from larger multinational companies
Fluent written and spoken English is a must
Prior experience from relevant study- and implementation projects

Teamcenter Product Configurator (TC PC) SME

Must and Should have’s:
– Configurable Product Structures expertise (PLM system implementations)
– Product Structure Management expertise (PLM system implementations)
– Configurable BOMs in Engineer to Order business (Project business)
o Teamcenter Product Configurator with customization expertise
 Support for customizations
 Solution Variants
 Reconfiguration support
 Partial configuration of structures
– Feature Management expertise
o TC PC overall
o Dictionaries
o Configuration Contexts
o Family Groups
o Families
o Features
o Feature Rules (rules between features)
o Feature configuration management (revisions, statuses, effectivities etc.)
o Feature management and change management integration
o Feature ownership management
o Requirement management to feature management integration
o Family Group, Family, Feature documentation (datasets, documents, images)
o Models
o Allocations
o Sub contexts structures
o RAC and AWC both
– TC PC and BOMs (Bill-of-Materials) and BODs (Bill-of-Documents) expertise
– TC PC and MSM (Multi-Structure Manager) expertise
– TC PC data model for Teamcenter system
– TC PC implementation to business (cultural change and training)
– Modularisation expertise of Plant (system of systems)
– Teamcenter expertise to configure above capabilities for POC

– Knowledge of different features in Teamcenter (PROS and CONS)
o Teamcenter Product Configurator
o Teamcenter Product Structure Management
o Teamcenter Multi Structure Management

PLEASE NOTE: This is a price pressured assignment.


IMPORTANT Carefully read the full description of the role, requirements and specific qualifications wanted, areas of responsibility, background requested and additional employment information for the supplier to ensure that your set of competencies matches the role.
The consultant must be fluent in both written and spoken English.
IMPORTANT Confirm that your offered price is a gross price according to the information below. From this price, tenure discount and 4.23% will be deducted.
Provide consultant’s Date of Birth in the following format: YYYY – MM – DD.


Övriga krav

Attach only ENGLISH CV in Word format under the Documents tab. PLEASE REMOVE company logos and photos. The CV is an important part of the evaluation of the consultant. It must clearly show that the consultant has the competence and experience required for the current assignment.
Offer for this assignment must be sent via KeySourcingTool. Replies via email will receive limited feedback.
Please describe briefly in “Comments” for the various requirements how the consultant meets these.

Personliga egenskaper

Övrig information

Attach only ENGLISH CV in Word format under the Documents tab in the offer. PLEASE REMOVE company logos and photos.

Please note that from the offered hourly rate, the contractual fee of 4.23% will be deducted. For longer assignments, the tenure discount will also be deducted from the hourly fee.

Rules for tenure discount (see also enclosed “Terms for consulting assignments at Hitachi ABB Power Grids via KeyMan, 2021-05-01”:
6 months assignment: -1%
9 months assignment: -2%
12 months assignment: -4%

If we end up in a contract the consultant must undergo a drug test before the assignment can start. The consultant then also must have a certificate for SSG-Entré and sign a NDA.

The assignment is possible virtual/remote:  Remote; is possible, but not 100%.

For further details and conditions, see the attached documents.



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Mailofferter ska innehålla följande information

  1. Konsultens CV bifogat (helst i Wordformat)
  2. En kortfattad summering (ska beskriva konsultens kompetens jämfört med uppdragets krav och behov)
  3. Konsultens timarvode (SEK exkl moms)
  4. Konsultens tillgänglighet (Startdatum och omfattning)
  5. Bekräftelse på att ni accepterar, GDPR och “KeyMans allmänna villkor”

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