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By 21 september, 2020 oktober 23rd, 2020 Data/IT
Roll Utvecklare NET/C#
 Kompetensområde Data/IT
 Startdatum 2020-10-05
 Slutdatum 2021-03-05
 Omfattning 100%
 Ort Stockholm
Land Sweden
 Sista svarsdatum 2020-09-24 (Offerter kommer att behandlas löpande)
 Kontaktperson Jonas Pettersson (
 Referens nr 2098238
Övergripande uppdragsbeskrivning

We are by our partner looking for a Developer that will work with development within first of all the PKI (public key infrastructure) area but also other services e.g. SOC (security) services and monitoring.

Do you fit the description:
Are you passionate about Software Development and have an interest in PKI and security?

The customer is looking for a Developer that will work with development within first of all the PKI (public key infrastructure) area but also other services e.g. SOC (security) services and monitoring. A big part of your work will be to maintain, develop and be responsible for development roadmaps for these services. As a team they also support other functions within Operations in development projects, and you will be involved in any of the work they do.

As a developer on the team, the customer provides great opportunities to influence the work they do, from sprint planning to high-/low-level design, to maintenance and development of the next generation platforms. They are a dynamic team consisting of varying levels of. In time you will be able to test out your ideas on how our process of developing software could be improved. The customer see it as part of your development that you one day take part in architectural forums and drive the agenda for how our developing teams could operate according to best practice.

Who are you?
You are passionate about new tools and new methods for how software development could be improved. You enjoy working with both high-/ and low-level software design, write clean and modular code, and have in-depth experience in developing web services or software in backend. What really gets you going is the opportunity to widen your knowledge and learn more about new technical realms.


Experience of .NET (C#, MVC, Web API)
Experience of React, Redux, Node
You can communicate in both Swedish and English
Knowledge in any of the following: PKI, databases, scrum, Azure, DevOps, Octopus Deploy, RabbitMQ, UI


Övriga krav

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Personliga egenskaper

Keeping up with new technologies is important to you
You take own initiatives
Enjoy working together with a team
You follow up on the outcome of your work

Övrig information

Bifoga CV i Wordformat under fliken Dokument.

För eventuella frågor kontakta Jonas Pettersson, mobilnummer 076 231 26 69.



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