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By 12 maj, 2020 maj 28th, 2020 Data/IT
Roll Utvecklare Webb
 Kompetensområde Data/IT
 Startdatum 2020-05-25
 Slutdatum 2020-06-30
 Omfattning 100%
 Ort Solna
Land Sweden
 Sista svarsdatum 2020-05-15 (Offerter kommer att behandlas löpande)
 Kontaktperson Edwin Landgraff (
 Referens nr 1950451
Övergripande uppdragsbeskrivning

We are now looking for a Website developer to Karolinska Institutet. The EURO-FINGERS Consortium wants to develop a long-life website.

The EURO-FINGERS Consortium has a well-established research network across Europe that has provided essential contributions to the field of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease (AD) prevention. EURO-FINGERS consists of researchers from partner institutions in Sweden, Finland, Hungary, Spain, The Netherlands, Germany, and Luxemburg.

The Consortium aims to establish a European leadership for this first global network of multimodal dementia prevention trials. EURO-FINGERS will provide a common framework and align main European cohorts in the AD field that will ensure synergy and harmonisation, and more effective and targeted interventions. EURO-FINGERS is closely linked to the recent World-Wide FINGERS initiative (WW-FINGERS, led by Prof. Kivipelto), aiming to test the FINGER multimodal precision prevention model in various geographical, cultural and economic settings (e.g. trials now in planning in Europe, North and South America, Asia and Australia), and thus, EURO-FINGERS also aims to drive WW-FINGERS towards globally effective prevention strategies.

The EURO-FINGERS Consortium wants to develop a long-life website for the dissemination of research progress, targeting both the scientific community and the general public, as well as key stakeholders in the industry, press and government authorities. The website should be able to present information, news, publications, etc., in a visually appealing manner to attract as many visitors as possible for the promotion of the Consortium’s activities. The website must be in English and it should be easy enough for an administrator at Karolinska Institutet to modify and update as needed. It would be desirable if the EURO-FINGERS website can include a simple password-protected area that can be used among members from partner institutions to facilitate internal communication. As a source of inspiration, the EURO-FINGERS Consortium has evaluated the following website and would like to create something similar:

The candidate will be solely responsible for designing and delivering a fully functional, GDPR-compliant website. For this, an ideal candidate would feel comfortable in partaking regular meetings with our team to discuss website design and function. Flexibility, responsibility, and a solution-oriented approach are aptitudes valued by our team. If you would like to make an impact on global health and help us produce high-quality online content, join us in this project.

We do not have a webpage today. We are in the process of creating a logo. But, we aim to have this ready by the beginning of the website development. Website should align visually with the logo in terms of color scheme and overall design.

The budget for this assignment is 39.000 kr, and the assignment ought to start as soon as possible.


Experience designing and managing websites with WordPress, building custom WordPress themes and/or plugins, etc.
Experience designing and developing responsive design websites in WordPress
Detail-oriented approach to editing and testing websites for accuracy, usability, and accessibility
Familiarity with SEO best practices, and structured data protocols
A good eye for aesthetics, and strong content management skills
Ability to adhere to production schedules and work under tight deadlines
Facilitate client WordPress training, site documentation and maintenance
Should be fluent in English language – verbal and written expression
Ability to adhere to production schedules and work under tight deadlines


Övriga krav

Beskriv kort i kommentarsfälten vid skall- och börkraven hur konsulten uppfyller dessa.
Bifoga CV i Wordformat under fliken Dokument (bredvid offertfliken).
Offert för detta uppdrag måste skickas in via KeySourcingTool. Svar via mail kommer att få begränsad feedback.

Personliga egenskaper

Ability to adhere to production schedules and work under tight deadlines

Solution oriented
Detail-oriented approach

Övrig information

The offer must be sent in English. Enclose CV in English. The quotation shall contain an estimated time required to complete the assignment.

Interviews of selected candidates will take place on the 19th-20th of May. The interviews will be conducted in English.

The consultant will work remotely with ongoing reporting in English to the client at KI.

Travel allowance: Must be included in the quoted price.
Option for extension: If something unforeseen occurs, we want to be able to extend the assignment for 6 months from the end date.

Då KeyMan samarbetar med en statlig myndighet för detta behov finns det risk för att er offert kan bli en offentlig handling. Om ni vill sekretessbelägga något i er offert bör ni i en bilaga ange vad som ska sekretessbeläggas, varför ni anser att detta är en affärshemlighet och vilka konsekvenserna blir om dessa uppgifter kommer till konkurrenters kännedom. Det finns ingen garanti att sådan uppgift som önskas sekretessbelagd förblir sekretessbelagd. Ladda upp ev. bilaga under fliken “Dokument” (bredvid Offert-fliken).



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  1. Konsultens CV bifogat (helst i Wordformat)
  2. En kortfattad summering (ska beskriva konsultens kompetens jämfört med uppdragets krav och behov)
  3. Konsultens timarvode (SEK exkl moms)
  4. Konsultens tillgänglighet (Startdatum och omfattning)
  5. Bekräftelse på att ni accepterar, GDPR och “KeyMans allmänna villkor”

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