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Linux system administration & Automation Engineer

We are now looking for a Linux system administration & Automation Engineer to our customer.

Job description

• Managing day to day operations on Red Hat Cluster environment.
• Resolving networking issues using tools such as: traceroute, netstat, Wireshark, tcpdump, nslookup, dig, sshd, nfsd, mountd, lockd, etc.
• Perform Linix System inventory, OS upgrades and patch installations.
• Working with Business System owners to architect and maintain highly available production systems and minimize down time.
• Building and provisioning of RHEL servers using automated approach with PXE boot and custom kick start files.
• Resolving Linux CPU, Disk, Load utilization issues
• Setting up NFS and Autofs for mounting the resources
• Creating and extending files system such as etx3, ext4, XFS
• Working with an enterprise wide, large scale matrix environment

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