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Consultant for AI to Karolinska Institutet – Offert skickad till kund

We are now looking for a Consultant for AI to Karolinska Institutet.

The Karolinska University Library (KIB) needs a consultant to implement a machine learning approach for assigning publications with subject classes using “Standard för svensk indelning av forskningsämnen”, in the reminder of this document referred to as SCB-classes. The classification contains about 300 classes and each publication can be assigned multiple classes (probably with a maximum of three per publication). Training data will be provided by KIB. Input data will be retrieved from the bibliometric system (including for example Medical Subject Headings, SCB-classes for researchers, citation-relations and possibly also textual information such as title and abstract of the publications). The consultant should help choosing an appropriate model, implement and evaluate the model, help integrating the model with the bibliometric system, and discuss and explain the model.

It is difficult to estimate how many hours the assignment will cover, but we estimate that it is between 50-100 hours distributed over different periods with different intensity. It is part of the assignment to help concretize the structure of the assignment.

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